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In October 2015, CPRE’s members were profiled to see if they lived in a rural or urban environment.  The survey shows that in a snapshot of time (October 2015) CPRE’s membership is split as 54% rural and 46% urban.

We believe a beautiful, thriving countryside is important for everyone, no matter where they live. Millions of town and city dwellers recharge their batteries with a walk or a bike ride in the local Green Belt, spend weekends and holidays in our National Parks, or enjoy fresh local produce. People who live in rural areas keep our countryside beautiful and productive.

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Unlike many environmental charities, CPRE has no vested interests – we own no land, rely solely on donations and grants, and are politically independent. We make decisions with the head not the heart, as much as we love the countryside, and we are possibly the only green group which has a completely holistic approach. Planning, in particular, is all about looking at the bigger picture, and our wide remit means we have to consider the whole of the country – rural and urban – when creating policy.

The CPRE exists to campaign for the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of the countryside. We often take this for granted, especially on the Isle of Wight, but vigilance and effort are often required to keep it that way. Your support is always appreciated.

We’re an environmental charity, with over 200 local groups, a branch in every county and 55,000 members, and supporters – including more than 2,000 affiliated parish councils.

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