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Good Lighting Awards 2019

Lighting Awards Lighting Awards All photos: Dennis Russell, CPRE-IW

18th May 2019 
Barton Manor, Whippingham

This year's Award Winners

Once again it was time for our annual Good Lighting Awards.  Of special note is the joint application being made by CPRE-IW, the IW AONB Unit and Vectis Astronomical Society to the International Dark-skies Association (IDA) for accreditation of one of the Island’s largest AONBs as a Dark Skies Park.  This area is bounded by the Military Road from Chale to Freshwater Bay to the south, up to the top of the chalk ridge Tennyson Trail to the north and inclusion of the villages of Brighstone and Shorwell.  This area has been earmarked in the new draft Island Plan, having won the support of the IW Council as a concept.

CPRE-IW had the foresight to establish these Good Lighting Awards back in 2007 and ever since we have managed to surprise and delight many establishments around and across the Island when we announce the Best Overall winner each year. 
Today, we had no fewer than four Award Winners and were pleased to welcome them to our AGM at Barton Manor

Firstly, we have given our thanks once again to Ryde Cooperative store in Anglesea Street for completion of their promise last year to install sky-friendly luminaires around their external walls.  This action, together with the previously installed new lighting of the car park (for which we had awarded a Highly Commended certificate) results in a great improvement of urban night skies over the town.

Paul West of Ryde Cooperative Stores
Paul West of Ryde Cooperative Stores receives his certificate

 Still in Ryde, our second Award Winner was Ryde Mead Tennis Club who were thanked by CPRE-IW for their shielded tennis court lighting scheme. Nick Searles was the recipient. No chance of lighting being left on at all hours of the night since club members have to turn their court lighting on via a coin-operated metering system.  Excellent result with minimum light pollution of local skies.

Our third accolade today went to Island Roads for their installation of Island-wide highways illumination over the past years.  International satellite monitoring has revealed that light pollution of our Island’s dark skies has been significantly reduced following this project’s installation, so much so that our own findings will supplement these independent data as evidence that our Island is worthy of joining other Dark Skies Park areas around the globe, as mentioned above.

Scott Burborough of Island Roads
Scott Burborough of Island Roads is awarded his certificate

Finally, we came to our 2019 Overall Winner for Good Lighting.  For their sky-friendly lighting of their premises sitting on the western bank of the Medina River it was with great pleasure that we awarded this year’s Overall Winner accolade to Vestas Offshore Wind Blades. This extremely large building possesses the means to create devastating skyglow over much of central Wight but thanks to adoption of suggested improvements from CPRE-IW, it does not! At night time all that can be seen is a gentle downward illumination of the building and its surrounding landscape. 

Vestas Offshore Wind Blades representative Karl Gregory received the award from John Langley of CPRE-IW. Pictured is the CPRE Merlin Trophy which was commissioned to celebrate the Branch’s Golder Jubilee in 1976 and now part of the Good Lighting Awards annual presentations.  They get to keep our famous Merlin Trophy (below) for a whole twelve-month, plus, a cheque payable in their name to an Island charity which this year is Gift to Natur

Presentation was made by John Langley, chair emeritus of CPRE-IW.

For more information about the Good Lighting Awards and their history, please contact John Langley on johnvl at



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