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Good Lighting Award 2015 - IW RFC

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 09:11

Paul Simpson receiving his club’s award from IW High Sheriff, Ron Holland Paul Simpson receiving his club’s award from IW High Sheriff, Ron Holland Photo: CPRE-IW

At the recent CPRE AGM at Nunwell House the annual Good Lighting Awards were presented, with thanks to the IW High Sheriff.

CPRE’s annual Good Lighting Award scheme reviewed examples of sky-friendly external illumination and the best were given awards.  The biggest change currently taking place all over the Island is the programme of replacing the old orange sodium vapour street lamps along the roads and highways with the now familiar LED types.

Some Island residents complain that these newcomers are not as good as the Old ‘Uns, but whenever anything changes in this part of the world, people will seize the chance to have a good moan about it! But looking at it seriously, the old lamps gave all a weird orange glow whereas these LED upstarts show us in our true colours.  What could be nicer than that?

There are still pockets of the orange ones remaining but hopefully even these will eventually disappear.  Now, if only the HM Prison lighting at Parkhurst could be upgraded, we might be able once more to see the Milky Way over Newport.

CPRE had initially been much against the Planning Application for the rugby football pitch floodlighting at Wootton Bridge Recreation Ground.  We joined forces with many local residents who feared that they would be floodlit out of their homes given an Approval of the Application.  IW Council saw differently and gave their consent, so the lighting was installed.  However, we are impressed with the careful attention given to the design of the illumination to minimise stray light in unwanted areas.

A local amateur astronomer told us that originally he was also an 'anti' but now reports having no problems with interference to his observatory near to the rugby pitch so what is good enough for an expert observer is good enough for us.

So, our first Award went to IW Rugby Football Club.  Pictured is Paul Simpson receiving his club’s award from IW High Sheriff, Ron Holland.


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