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Dark Sky Event 30th March 2017

Dark Sky Event March 2017 Dark Sky Event March 2017 Photo: CPRE/VAS/AONB

Why not come along to this event and help get our Island accredited as a Dark Sky Community.

The VAS, the AONB and CPRE-IW are joining forces to obtain accreditation for the Isle of Wight as a Dark Skies Community from the International Dark-skies Association (IDA). 

Before this can be granted there are several hurdles to be cleared along the way.  The IW Council has to be persuaded to include within the Island Plan some statement that they support the concept of minimisation of light pollution.  We have had a promising meeting with  the  IW Councillor for such matters and await progress.

Secondly, the proposals for a Dark Sky Community status have to be made public for consultation purposes.  This is the first step towards this end in holding the event on the 30th March.  Hence the necessity for as much publicity as possible.

To date we have approvals from the IW Lord Lieutenant; IW High Sheriff; Visit IW and so on.  Due to the importance to tourism  we expect to gain wide support from the hospitality industry in due course.




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